What is it?

POWER BI is a cloud-based business analytics service

What is the benefit

• Enables fast and easy access to data • Get a live  360º view of your  business • Accelerates business decision-making • Receive business performance insights from any device • Facilitates collaboration across your organization • Visualizes data and simplifies analysis

Gather and consolidate data form many data sources. Easy to use functionality, allow you to connect to data sources, navigate through your data source and enable you to select only the data points that you need.


Explore your data freely and across multiple visualizations. Select data you need, filter, drill into it and change visualization types. Use the drag and drop functionality to mashup your data.


Customize reports to fit your business needs. Visualize your data and author reports. PowerBI goes to work for you.


Share your reports and visualizations across your organization or to an audience that you select. Changes and updates to dashboards will sync automatically across all users.

Find Out how POWER BI simplifies data analytics and enables you to manage your organization with real-time data.


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POWER BI enables simple and quick visualization data. It supports complex schemas and reporting structures.  Easily refresh data when required.

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